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Re: Commander - Help!

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angus wrote: Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:05 pm I've tried Commander 1.1 I think, and 1.8 and none work.

I do have an Issue 2 Zeddy and could try with that. Shame as I really enjoy using the old one and I am going to keep that motherboard with the genuine Zilog Z80, March 1981 ULA and klutzed ROM as it left the factory. I've switched to my older Zeddy for it's 40th birthday :)
Hi Angus!

Until you are able to upgrade your ZXpand ROM, make use of the ZXpand File Browser, it is obsolet but functional:
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Re: Commander - Help!

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Ah I see now! I'll try file browser later today. Thank you!
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