SIR CLIVE: The final 1K hires game

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dr beep
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SIR CLIVE: The final 1K hires game

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This final game in 1K hires is a tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair. Game 81 in 1K hires for the ZX81.
I think this game deserves a special thread, not just a release in the NEW GAMES SECTION.

Sir Clive

Sir Clive is my 81rd and final 1K HIRES GAME for the ZX81
This game is a tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair, our beloved inventor
who passed away at the age of 81. 3x81, there is no greater moment than this to
stop coding 1K hires games.

In this game you play sir Clive Sinclair in his mansion of 162 ( 2x81! ) rooms.
You are on the eve of inventing your ZX81, you only need to find out how to built
this computer. You must find out how to invent the ZX81.

This game plays like the movie Groundhogday. When you make a wrong turn the game restarts to
the begin. Can you solve the game?

Q = up
A = down
O = left
P = right
NewLine = Restart a completed game.

The game:
(826 Bytes) Downloaded 235 times

The source will NOT be added, this might reveil the solution.
Lardo Boffin
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Re: SIR CLIVE: The final 1K hires game

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Looks great! Really good likeness of Sir Clive. 8-)
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Re: SIR CLIVE: The final 1K hires game

Post by salvacam »

Looks great. I have finished it, although I have had to try it several times.
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