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Another early access game from 1986, and now finished...
A Golf in French.

Name of Software: Tee-Time
Author: XavSnap (from Eric LECHAUDEL's broken listing-Hedogiciel summer 1986)
Release Date: 06/18/22
Screenshots: none
Description: Golf

PenFuller21 early access, finish-it-yourself Freeware

Listing: http://download.abandonware.org/magazin ... 168/06.jpg


(57.54 KiB) Downloaded 114 times
To change the practice (6 available: black screen, white screen,"O" inverted...), don't strike a key when you see the second screenshot and wait an hour... press a key twice to validate your choice and win it. Press "CONT" to continue to scroll the screen...

Have Fun...
Xavier ...on the Facebook groupe : "Zx81 France"(fr)
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