HALT Right There!

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HALT Right There!

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By Fred Nachbaur

Syncware News v3n6 Jul.-Aug '86

An explanation of the Z80 HALT command.
Demo program
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Re: HALT Right There!

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simple but intriguing

Then when I read the text and slowly realized what it is demonstrating

Code: Select all

1 REM _asm
     // Disassembly: 27 bytes @ $4082 (16514)
     L4082:  NOP     
             LD      HL,(400CH)
             LD      B,04H
      LOOP:  INC     HL
             LD      (HL),A
             DJNZ    LOOP

     ;16525 entry point
     L408D:  LD      A,80H
             CALL    L4082
             LD      A,00H
             CALL    L4082
             CALL    $0F46  ;BREAK-2 ROM ROUTINE
             RET     NC
             JR      L408D
     END _asm
  10 POKE 16514,0
  20 RAND USR 16525
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