Timex Sinclair 2048 replica!

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Timex Sinclair 2048 replica!

Post by YanKleber »

One more replica for my collection...

In fact I never intended to make a replica of the 2048 and it just "happened".

How's that? Well, I had just started to make my TS-2068 replica putting together some MDF pieces that I with my jigsaw when I decided that I wanted something more "elaborated". I then ordered new parts for the 2068 from an online MDF CNC cutting service.

So the first version of the 2068 carcass ended laying around for some time until I find it one of these days and think that I could recycle it for something else. It didn't long too much to see that I could easily turn it into a 2048. My only mistake was to rely on my perception and guess that the 2048 was a "shortened in length" 2068. Only after I finish the project I realized that actually the 2048 is also smaller than the 2068 in WIDTH! So my 2048 replica became a bit odd since the top side ended being wider than the original. Unfortunately when I got what had happened it was too late and I would have to break it apart and start over. Since I knew that if I did that I never would remake it, I decided to leave it as is. So, here it goes... It turned out a nice piece after all (I guess). :)

It was made out of MDF, EVA, plastic sheets and paper. I used a thick EVA for the top (that's what I had around) so the console got a bit taller than the usual. You can notice it easily at the hatched gutter between the keyboard and the branding area.




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Re: Timex Sinclair 2048 replica!

Post by albertusj »

:o Nice work!
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Re: Timex Sinclair 2048 replica!

Post by 1024MAK »

The phase, “good enough to eat” keeps popping into my mind.
Ooo, did I say that out loud :oops: :lol:


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Re: Timex Sinclair 2048 replica!

Post by Lardo Boffin »

Really impressive stuff!

How many hours effort did it take?
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